Thanks to SRT and Motor Village LA for a great day

Discussion in 'VCA Viper Events and Gatherings' started by Paul Hawker, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Paul Hawker

    Paul Hawker Viper Owner

    Oct 1, 2000
    San Diego, Calif, USA
    Want to thank SRT, Lance, SoCal VCA, and Motor Village LA for a fantastic event. Made us feel like rock stars.

    We were treated like VIP's. After a fun slither through the LA freeways, we arrived at Motor Village LA. This is a fantastic 4 story dealership stocked to the brim with Chryslers, Fiats, Jeeps and SRT's. We drove up the classic circular (you have seen this in all the movies) ramp up to the 4th floor, where we staged on the roof with an amazing panorama of the city. You could see all the way to the HOLLYWOOD sign on the hill.

    Lance got some great group shots and we went down to the amazing Viper Pit. It was full of wall art, a Formula One setting, a full selection of Vipers including SRT, ACR, GTS and even an amazing Viper GT3 in full race livery.

    They served us Champaigne, Mimosas, fresh made omelets and the best tasting french toast I have ever experienced.

    We got to meet the owner and general manager of the business, and were allowed full access to all the cars in the showrooms. I have never seen so many Fiats in one location. Huge selection.

    They shuttled us over to the LA International Auto show, and we were blown away with the new Graphite/carbon silver paint. It is in super limited production, but shows off all the tiniest details of the body work. You see design details that do not show up with regular paint. With the orange stitching and accent pieces, this car is evidently pretty special.

    A number of Motor Village employees were staged around the facility to assist us in parking, which elevators went where, and to make sure we were given VIP treatment.

    I do not know how Lance continues to set up these special ViperClub events, but this one was really first class.

    Thank you again SRT and Motor Village LA

    SSSSE YA Enthusiast

    Nov 1, 2000
    Simi Valley, CA, USA
    Cathy and I wanted to say a “Big Thank you” to Lance and everyone involved in coordinated this famous event and also to Dennis Lin and Mike Bell for hosting us with open arms. The event was first class, way beyond our expectations.

    It was also great to see everyone from the club, we don’t get out much due to our schedules, but we had a great time and appreciate the time, cost and effort in setting up the event.

    Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Years.

    Rob and Cathy.
  3. Boxer12

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    Jan 6, 2006
    Colorado High Country
    Dang, why wasn't I invited? I feel like Rodney Dangerfield here! Sounds like a great party.
  4. HISSSN1

    HISSSN1 Viper Owner

    Apr 7, 2008
    Santa Clarita, California
    Wow what a day great weather and what a AWESOME dealership Motor Village LA is. A very classy spread they put on for all of us SoCal Members with VIP treatment. Thank you Dennis Lin,Mike Bell, all the employees at Motor Village LA that took part in taking care great of us all and SRT thank you for sending down the SRT GT3-R this is one bad ass looking SRT. The LA car show was great, Chrysler has a impressive fleet of vehicles to choose from. We are very lucky to be part of this connected VIPER family. See you all soon have a happy thanksgiving.

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