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  1. sinestr

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    Apr 28, 2011
    Need your help. I purchased a 1997 B/W GTS form the original owner. The car has 7K miles. I recently looked at the dated codes on my windows and this is what I found. Both driver and passenger windows are dated '99 and the windshield is dated '98. I spoke to the original and he said he did not have any windows replaced on the car. Car fax shows when he took delivery of the car and no where does it say anything from the dealer as well. He maintained it on a regular basis. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Bonkers

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    Sounds to me like he is either lying, or something
    happened at the dealership/shop that they were
    forced to replace them, hopefully without him

    Im not implying anything here, but are you sure
    youre reading these codes correctly? If so, next
    time your near one of the good techs, have him
    check the car over again for damage - its possible
    something happened to the car that the PO doesnt
    know anything about.

    On the other hand, i dont think out of sequence
    date codes on a 97 is going to do much to affect
    value like it would on, say, a Hemi Cuda Conv - its
    certainly a curiosity, but nothing to lose sleep over.

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