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    NY/CT Holiday Party 1/25/2014!!!!!

    Put Mike and Melissa down!
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    Ct Fall Foiliage Cruise Sunday Oct 27th!

    Jimmy, Put myself and Melissa down for now. If we work out the babsitter we will be good to go. Mike
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    Tator's Garage Tech Session 10/12

    I think I have to bail I this event unfortunately. I thought this was on Sunday....stupid me. Wish I could come since I'm doing this job soon but I have family up tomorrow.
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    Tator's Garage Tech Session 10/12

    I'm in. Might be +1
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    Viper car insurance prices

    I have Travelers. $600 a year. Listed as a pleasure vehicle.
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    Had to ruin my car today :'(

    7 years of running without a front plate and never been bothered.
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    July 4th - 6th ALMS @ Lime Rock Park, Corral & Info

    Waxed up and ready to go. Is everyone just going up on their own tomorrow? What time are people getting there?
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    ALMS - Lime Rock July 5th - 6th

    I'll be watching it from the SRT hospitality trailer! Can't wait!!
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    July 4th - 6th ALMS @ Lime Rock Park, Corral & Info

    Just received confirmation of my registration and all tickets have been purchased!
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    July 4th - 6th ALMS @ Lime Rock Park, Corral & Info

    I'll be signing up later today!!
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    I'm in on this one! That is a great list of prizes. Taxes will **** on the grand prize.
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    NY/CT Holiday Party 1/12/13

    Babysitter confirmed. We are in!! Me + 1 -Mike
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    Prayers to Newtown School Shooting Victims Today...

    Just found out that my friends neighbor's son was one of the victims. 6 years old and now my friend has to explain to his 4 year old son why he can't play with his friend anymore. This really hits home when it is only 30 minutes from me and my daughter goes to kindergarten next year.
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    has anyone gotten their panoramic photo yet??

    Anyone still waiting for theirs? Photo only. Still haven't seen it show up.