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    What is the problem with our Arizona Viper Club

    Hi Looppr, Welcome to the Arizona Club. We are a very active club and have events every month. Please go to our web site for more info. Please note: our November dinner meeting is this Saturday November 9th at the Speakeasy Restaurant in Chandler. I will send you the...
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    Any recommendations for a Pre Purchase Inspection in Phoenix,AZ?

    Goldlifter, Have you been able to contact Eddie? I know he is out of town at the moment wrenching for some racers back East. Not sure when he is due back in town. Barry
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    Any recommendations for a Pre Purchase Inspection in Phoenix,AZ?

    Eddie probably has serviced most of the Vipers in AZ. There is a good chance he will know the car and its history. He is also an AZ Club member. He is very knowledgeable has an excellent reputation.
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    Gen V impressions after 1,200+ miles

    Thanks for the great assessment. Will be interested in your thoughts after 5k miles and some track time. Please keep us informed.
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    Awesome raffle!!
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    New 03 owner looking for mechanic in northern arizona

    jjhammer, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have just returned home from a cruise. As Jim stated, Eddie Martin is our local Viper Tech for quite a few years and is well known in the Viper Community across the country. I can personally recommend him for his Viper knowledge and...
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    Received our 2013 VCA membership packets today...

    Received mine today (Phoenix, AZ).
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    Events planned during 2013 Scottsdale Barrett Jackson

    Hi Aaron, The Arizona Region Club attends the Barrett-Jackson Auction every year. We meet at Bill Luke Dodge of Phoenix in the morning of January 18, for breakfast, guest speakers, etc. and then caravan to B-J for reserved Viper only parking. We are in the midst of updating our web site with...
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    Pics from VOI 12 Mopar Boy Style... 200+ better be on WIFI LOL

    Robert. Well done. Thanks for the memories! How many days left until VOI 13?
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    Road Course????

    Dan, Thanks for all your time an effort to make this an enjoyable, memorable and safe VOI for everyone. The planned driving events are awesome. I like your recommendation of braking points prior to the infield and other key locations, especially for those of us who are novices and unfamiliar...
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    My packet and another AZ club members were opened also. Based on the above photos it appears nothing was missing from ours other than the Dora sticker.
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    Now from the front; Viper Red GEN V GTSR (street) with new black stripes!!

    Agree 1,000% with SnakeBitten, An ACR with the GTS-R looks and the GTS interior and electronic features as options along with an available ********* package for the track rats would be the icing on the cake. I would immediately order one. Just "Do It" SRT!!!
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    So, which hood do you like better?

    It would have been nice to have the GTS-R hood as a voting option along with the other two.
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    Registration is now open!

    Registration Completed! Looking forward to the party! :drive: :headbang: