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    Anybody want to DE Creampuff????

    your as bad as me :2tu:
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    Dose any know ?

    dam that was quick thanks folks
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    Anybody want to DE Creampuff????

    just wanted to post to add another yellow avatar
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    Dose any know ?

    Any idea What Helicopter that is ? pic was taken yesterday at a charity Day on The Top Gear Track
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    Some better pics of my white GTS...

    :omg:i personally have never realy liked white cars, even, dare i say the GTSR but that is absolutely amazing . there is one thing i would to see you add to it and that is 4mm tram lines to your stripes good that is beautiful :2tu:
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    2009 Autosport show

    is the water warm there mark :D
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    Is this a TRUE statement?

    i can only agree .....mine are vinal though so if i change my mind:2tu:
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    Top Gear episode featuring original RT/10

    May be sloopy sceonds but i love that car pic of it at top gear parked outside the shed. which it was driven out of at the beginning of the show
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    Top Gear episode featuring original RT/10

    that episode with the gen 3 you mentioned . the RT used at the begining was my old car , always makes me sad ,god i loved that car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Secret Super car meet No2 LONDON Aug 9th

    :2tu:see you sunday mark ;)should be 7 vipers i'ye been told:2tu:
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    Chuck Tator on national tv

    us lot on the other side of the pond will also do what we can chuck !just let us know mate!
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    Chuck I hope and PRAY you are not affected...

    that *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My new Bumble Bee!

    ;) that 06 looks spot on
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    chin guard

    have some of the run before which was a 177 run but haven't a clue how to down load it :drive:
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    chin guard

    it didn't actualy get riped out, as i dabed on the anchors the guard hit a rased part of the runway and bingo it was left facing the wrong way under the car :omg:.but there was a 10 to 15 mph head wind , which didn't help:dunno:i do think it could be a couple of mm thicker

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