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    Viper shops in D/FW?

    Perfect...thanks men!
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    window regulator passenger part #

    It's your view from behind the wheel. So right side is passenger side.
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    Viper shops in D/FW?

    Sorry to ask here but I think Gearheads is no longer in business....who do we go to at this point??? Looking for exhaust and minor motor mods, thanks in advance....
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    Window Regulator -GEN 3/4 Archilles Heel

    I just replaced my second regulator, drivers side this time...and from what I understand it is what it is...
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    Just got mine...

    Very nice indeed!!!!
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    The $300 window actuator is worth exactly what you pay!!!

    I just recently replaced my passenger side regulator purchased from VPA and so far it works perfectly!! I will have no concerns at all buying the drivers side regulator when the time comes.
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    Door panels, chipping?

    I just recently replaced both of my door panels (2006) with what I hear are better/upgraded/reinforced 2010 panels...??... Took a look and both of mine from 2006 had that same chip and the passenger side has even a crack in that same spot fwiw....
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    Vipers qulify 1st and 3rd at the Canadian ALMS round

    Getting closer...they seem to be getting the car sorted!!!
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    Bought My First Snake

    Ahhh snap...see you around then!!!
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    Window Regulator -GEN 3/4 Archilles Heel

    Replaced my passenger side about 2-3 weeks ago. Not difficult at all really. Just take your time removing the door panel so you don't brake the top trim piece. The rest is just removing bolts, the window, the regulator and then reverse. Took me a little over an hour, hour and a half.