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    Boy. Some some people are so fickle.

    Your car looks great. However, your statement of fit/finish better than ferrari or Mclaren is a joke. You clearly have not owned either. I just passed on a TA and I did see it in person.
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    Contact Info

    I know people are going to chime in saying it's worth the wait, blah, blah. But, this is just plain stupid. They are asking people to dump $110+ on these cars, and all I see are loyal viper owners waiting for their orders, with dealers sitting on unsold inventory. In central/northern NJ, there...
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    Your best guess, what is the dealer going to give me on my Viper Trade???

    Very shortly I will be trading in my 06 GTS Blue vert. The car has 12,200 miles and is completely straight, no accidents, dings, etc. The only flaw is a parking scrape under the front valance, visible when changing the oil. It's stock except for the corsa track exhaust(have the original),green...
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    Is it true? Gen I more reliable than Gen III?

    I have never heard that. My 06 and 08 ACR have been the most reliable cars I have ever owned and I have now owned more than 50 different sports cars.
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    when will I get my raffle tickets? when its over?

    Would like to know when I will get my tickets. Paid for 3 when it was first announce and still haven't received my tickets. Any help?
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    Well...I Did it...

    Congrats, looks great!
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    Sat in my first Stryker Gen V

    That is a crazy price. For me personally, when I have to write a check like that, I will add to it and make it out to a different division of FIAT, LOL.
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    Question for ACR owners

    I have both, the 06 has corsa track exhaust and the ACR has bellanger headers and corsa track, both pop. But the ACR is a LOT louder!
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    Who Sold Their Viper and Came Back After Owning somethiong Else ?

    No big deal, the 996 turbo s is still a great car, but the 997 made sure the entire 996 line was Porsche's biggest mistake. The upcoming 991 GT3 sure looks like great, so SRT better bring everything they have in the ACR.
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    Car #001 Hedaed To Oklahoma

    Confused also, if that silver/white is real, looks great!!!!!
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    Who Sold Their Viper and Came Back After Owning somethiong Else ?

    Just an fyi- there was no 2007 porsche turbo S.
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    Delivery Date?

    They did this in 2008 with the first ACR builds. Mine was ready end of September 2008.
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    09 ACR sold for 112,00.00 on Barrett-Jackson

    When the heritage edition came out, I had a dealer begging me to take it for $10k off sticker and I said no, dumb move.
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    09 ACR sold for 112,00.00 on Barrett-Jackson

    It sold that high for 2 reasons: Orange and it was a ******** optioned. I may be biased...