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    Some Awesome GTS Parts just listed in the Classifieds!

    Steve, do you recall the weight of those wheels? If I can put the money together, I would be interested. Have to talk to the machine shop and get back to you asap.
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    Ideas on possible fuel system upgrade

    Thank you Dan. Where is the tread that showed the Roe twin pump set up? I know I saw it here recently but when I went to read it I couldn't even find it using a search.
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    Diamondback hoods are back!

    Dom4 26H are you going to the 'Tower' lunch this weekend in Bel Air? if so you will be very close to my house (15min) my car will not be there as my motor is still at the machine shop but you are welcome to come look at it... My hood is off the car at the moment, so if you want to see the fit...
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    Diamondback hoods are back!

    Another angle. Unless changes have been made, the underneath view of my hood above is with the "drip pan" removed from the bottom of vents to allow max ventilation of the blower. It did not come that way as Roger didn't want water to enter the vents and flow directly onto the motor/accessories.
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    Ideas on possible fuel system upgrade

    What is the best way to get the best of both worlds? I have a triple fuel pump hanger but it doesn't have the benefits of the stock basket. It will be supporting a 2.8L Roe (@12lb's) and hopefully TT in the future. it's out of an RT/10 so I'd like to set it up to not have to worry about upgrades...
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    Next... 9500ci Radar/Laser Detector and Laser Shifter

    Can't remember what model this is as it's a couple years old now but here is where I installed mine.
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    Bellinger Header gaskets

    Left the ones Bellinger sent in the package and reused the stock ones without any problems! Maybe your stock ones are still around?
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    Big Brake Kit in the classifieds!!!

    Sweet, do you have more than one set available? trying to get the car ready for VOI and this is on the list but not sure if it's in the budget yet.
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    Some embroidery added to my seats

    Looks like it should be there, very nice.
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    Looking for factory shifter handle

    I'll pull mine out of storage tomorrow and take a look. I can't remember it having any blemishes but it's been a while as it was pull a long time ago. It's from an 02
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    Who is interested in a Gen 2 adjustable coilover set for less than 1400

    How much for the options on the above mentioned coil overs? looks like they have potential, keep us posted. I'm interested, would like to have a set for VOI. Albeit it's just an oval ;)
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    Still tinkering with the interior!

    I personally like the changes, looks great!
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    Pics: got my Lemke 3pc Trunk Top!

    Looks great, best of both worlds!
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    Car back from A&C Performance

    Looks incredible, Congrats! Hope to see ya at VOI.
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    Looking for complete 3:45 or 3:55 differential

    Making more power with the larger blower and want to go return to the smaller gears to help control wheel spin. Was running the 3:55 and a Roe set up and loved the 3:55 gears but I'm getting the stock gears built with a trutrac posi to help keep me straighter when it is spinning.