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    Brake Fluid Disappeared

    What is my car doing in your garage ???
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    Oreca Viper GTS

    I know I'm a bit late, but i would suggest that you contact my friend Edwin Stucky who owns the Swiss Viper Museum, "The largest concentration of Viper GTS-R in the World"
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    Dodge SRT10 or Dodge SRT10 "Viper"

    Some Gen 1&2 in Europe had "Chrysler Viper" on the rear bumper because Dodge was not sold in Europe. Is it still the case?
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    Nothing new,but a good summary

    Autoweek video on the new Viper :drive: No Ferrari Viper, and the Impreza line grows, in <i>AW'</i>s News Brake for Wednesday, Nov. 25
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    Chrysler selling Viper

    Was this reported in another thread? :omg: Chrysler considers selling Viper business unit - AutoWeek Magazine
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    So where are all the original people from this site?

    I started to lurk on the original Web when I ordered my Viper in November 1997. CAAP had many problems with the Silver color in 1998 and my car was not finished until September 1998. At that time it was impossible to get information from Chrysler Canada on the build status of the Viper...
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    Electric problem ? Help needed

    Thank you for your replies. The battery was changed last year. I will double-check the connexions again. I still have the original spark plug wires, could it cause this kind of problem?
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    Electric problem ? Help needed

    I have a 1998 RT/10 almost stock except for K&N filters, smooth tubes and SnakeOyl muffler delete. On my last two runs, the engine starts normal but within the first 10 minutes of normal driving, the RPM needle drops to zero for one second and goes back to normal. the car will hesitate during...
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    From my previous life.
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    Did you guys pay sticker price on your gen 2's?

    Re: Did you guys pay sticker price on your gen 2\'s? Paid can$1000 over dealer invoice in 1998...
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    Strange Post: Who has been here longest with the fewest posts?

    OK, I'm member #67 What do I win? I enjoy driving my 98 so much that I have little time for chatting...
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    Question regarding cruise control install

    I cut a smaller hole just beneath the large connector. It worked fine for me.
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    Sport bar clear plastic strip

    :nono: It was standard on my 1998.
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    My Battery is dead ! What to buy? Are Optimas worth it? and do they fit ?

    After more than 6 years with the original, I tried an Optima Red Top for my 98 RT/10 and it didn't fit. Took it back to Costco and bought their battery which is a direct replacement (exactly the same size as the original, but with better performance and a 3-year free replacement). I did not...