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    Designing the composite hood

    Quick note to set the record straight on this. In the industry "Carbon Fiber" is almost always an interchangeable term with "CFRP" (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic or Polymer). It is indeed the same thing. Also sometimes refered to as "graphite", carbon fiber in it's raw form is very strong...
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    Brake Ducts...

    Below is a quick primer on the brake ducts and a clarification of the earlier post - Ralph was correct at the time he made that video. We were originally planning on using the inlets on the roof for cooling to the differential. The roof air inlets are an interesting functional styling element...
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    Can Reliable Deliver

    Well... you could do CAAP delivery, and then have Reliable deliver to your door. Reliable is available to move anything anywhere for a price. It's all about when / where the paperwork gets done, and who holds title when... of course tax collection is part of this as well. (Tax Day Reminder)
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    Stryker Red w/ Black Stripes GTS (mule car)

    Hey, don't pick on the UGLY wheels... they are for our safety, and ability to test right through the winter... :) There is one engineering car out there though with snows on a set of black OZ rims that actually looks pretty boss, but that is usually with a certain dynamics whisperer... As...
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    Mopar Performance Venom ECU Q's

    There are really 4 major things learned by the Mopar PCM in order to operate your vehicle correctly. First the VIN... The VIN tells many modules in your car how to operate correctly. The Door glass drop for example won't work correctly if the VIN says its a coupe, and you put it in a...
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    Any custom orders out of 'production scheduled' status

    Spot On ViperSmith... The Chrysler systems ID vehicles individually on the LAST EIGHT of the VIN. So when discussing your orders its best to at least put out the last SIX. There are several prefixes 1XXXXX, 2XXXXX, 3XXXXX, 4XXXXX, etc... Some prior years only utilized one.
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    white GEN V SRT vid

    That is not Ralph's Car... it is an early engineering car that was a garage queen for quite a period (which is why there are no "spy" photos of this original white car). Which is why it looks "newish" but as you point out it is not fit as well as Ralphs. So have fun out there, but know that...
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    GEN V remote start

    Um.... NO. We will have to talk to the marketing folks... The Viper does have the new Passive Entry / Keyless Go system, but it does NOT have Remote start... you will not see that on the Viper due to it only coming with a manual transmission.
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    Happy New Year All!

    Hello Mid-South region! Ralph Gilles and **** Winkles are driving from Florida to Los Angeles starting today and will be coming across I-10 in a dark blue 2013 GTS! If anyone wants to met and say hi let us know!
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    Gen 5 camshaft in gen 4 motor

    The Gen V camshaft has the same exhaust profile and timings as the Gen IV cam however the intake profile has been change to improve top end breathing with a very slight loss of low and mid-range. The lifted area under the curve is greater and the intake centerline is ******** four degrees. This...
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    '08 Tuning

    You are welcome Moundir and thanks for the kind words! This has all been said in the past on several occasions and in several venues. however, everyone out there seems to think we just "held out" lots of power for whatever reason and it simply is not the case. It is true that the fuel mixture is...
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    2008 Production Numbers

    At that dark time during the Cerberus ownership, a Board Member wanted a new 2008 Viper and he wanted it in silver, which was not available. Being a Board Member (and an acquaintance of Nardeli) has its perks so he was able to order a special paint code as long as he was willing to pay for the...
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    Vipers at Baltimore

    Since SRT is a major sponsor at Baltimore, the Vipers will be there and racing! Hope to see many of you there to support the team!
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    Test Track / Special Events

    How often do Viper drivers take their vehicles to the test track or other special events (Open Road Challenge) to drive at higher speeds. What speeds do they typically drive and how long (miles driven) are these events?
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    Viper High Speeds

    Wondering what speeds Viper drivers are going daily and how often they go over 100 mph? We are trying to develop Viper Durability testing and this information will be helpful in developing future products and test. Thanks in advance for your time and help. SRT Engineers at Chrysler