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    Video of MOJO in a burn-out contest

    i always owe ya a beer...:)
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    Photos for the Ohio Viper Nationals

    traction to be blunt very unsafe!!
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    Video of MOJO in a burn-out contest

    always gettin yelled at. i heard them yell at me when i did the "unofficial" burnout for those impact car kids. felt like highschool all over again...principal calling me on speaker :)
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    Video of MOJO in a burn-out contest

    regarding the event overall, i was more than pleased to meet up with many longtime friends/racers and very dissappointed in the event overall. track was horrible and very unsafe (spinning at a 3200 launch on ET streets is ridiculous) not to mention poor scheduling and attendance. at least the...
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    Video of MOJO in a burn-out contest

    thnx for the post dave. i kinda wuss'd out though. i was told to do about 30-45 seconds and instead i pussed out at about 15 seconds. i didnt give a sheizen about the meat but those HREs are kinda keepers :) IMO i won the event. i made just a bit less smoke than the ghettosled that won and...
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    Shifting from 4th to 5th

    im glad im in therapy. i can resist posting a response. boy this one is a doosy too, wooohoooo
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    Another One Bites the Dust!

    "no way a viper, even a supercharged one can keep up with a modern sport bike" this tool's response is a joke right, he is just kidding right? could anyone who owns a viper (and allegedly have such extensive bike and viper operational skills) truly be that dipshiited. if so i agree with the...
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    Adjusting your shocks

    what are you setting them for? roadcoursing? drag? daily? easy to do.
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    V10 Nats - Bradenton Photos - Finally posting all of them

    not too shabby. you defintely need more of your "northern brother of a different mother" V10 MOJO :laugh:
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    When you drive a Viper someone is always trying to outdo you.

    i cant believe someone would buy that POS. for that kinda cash you could get a few REAL cars. just goes to show you that having money does not mean you have taste or class or intelligence to accompany that cash
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    Hey DC, the Viper crowd likes this...(Admin note attached)

    Re: Hey DC, the Viper crowd likes this... i am becoming more and more assured that i WILL NOT be buying a new viper in my future. i shall eventually get an ACR but as for the new viper option; its simply not an option. DC has definitely lost their intelligence and comon sense. goo dthis i love...
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    Here is the New Coupe----any GTS Owners Considering Trading In?

    roof is fugly; horrible, it literally looks like they halfasssed slapped a chintsy roof onto a convertible. plus the rearend; theyre bullshiiting us, they didnt do a damnn thing still too short and stubby. at least its got nice wheels. oh and the excellent interior; IF YOUR VANILLA ICE WITH AN...
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    Traction control AEM style.

    who is currently offering the best price on the AEM at this time? is there a group buy rate?
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    can you convert a 97-99 GTS without sidepipes to have sidepipes?

    how much more noise? i love the look but im about at limit for cockpit noise. with heads/cam, belangr headers, hiflo cats and corsa