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    Viper GTC

    Now all we need to know is the premium price for ordering like this. According to Pemberton it is very reasonable. Time will tell.
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    CF Spoiler... YUM

    How did you have the stripe added? I was looking at doing the same stripe on my 2014. Figure I will have to find a graphics place that has a 3d scanner get the proper cut out without it looking all crooked. I will be ordering your aero bits before summer as well. :)
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    2013/14 SRT Pricing conundrum ??

    Why would a 2014 be significantly less than a 2015? The MSRP change took effect in 2014, so the prices should be pretty similar, except that you can factor in a years worth of depreciation when haggling the price of a leftover 2014. The 500$ difference in gas guzzler tax might be a significant...
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    Gen I, II or III...decisions decisions.

    Gotta get what you like. Gen2 made me fall in love with the Viper, but then the Gen3 came along and it was "Gen2 who?". They do have a cool factor to them which it sounds like you're attracted to. For me personally, there is no way I could live with a Gen2 and not have proper A/C for road...
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    2015 Dodge Viper GT for 85k

    Of course it won't continue. As demand increases for the car(as it already has been), then the huge discounts will slowly go away since dealers won't be having issues selling their inventory. For the short term it ***** for anyone selling used, but if you're only selling to upgrade to GenV...
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    2015 Dodge Viper GT for 85k

    Yeah my bad. Must've been the white one I was thinking of. There is another green with aero GT for 110k though.
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    2015 Dodge Viper GT for 85k

    There is a 2015 Stryker Green GT with Aero kit, listed on ebay right now for a by it now price of about 90k IIRC
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    Window Regulator -GEN 3/4 Archilles Heel

    For you guys going through multiples like this, I'm guessing whoever installs it just forces it too hard and cracks the tubing on install.
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    Help me decide: order 2015 SRT or 2014 GTS

    I was in your shoes just a week ago. I was dead set to order a 2015 GT in GTS Blue. But then I come to find out they cancelled the best color ever put on a Viper. Pretty major let down. I started shopping around for left over 2014's. I ended up with a full load 2014 GTS for about 4k less...
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    Looking at 2008 Convertible-Value

    That car in stock form lists around low 60's usually. With the Street Serpent conversion I would expect it list a good bit more. The dealers asking price doesn't sound half bad.
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    Gen 3 Supercharger Xmas Specials By A&C Performance

    What's your regular price? I won't be able to get in for this by X-mas, but could possibly make a roadtrip next year.
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    Changing Clutch Fluid

    I read your post, that gives no answer to the question though. I haven't really taken a good look at the set up yet, perhaps it will be really apparent once I look at it.
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    Stereo wiring from cabin to trunk?

    You can either pull the bellypan off and follow the battery cables, which is probably the right way. Or drill a hole in the trunk, pull the rear fender liner, and fish everything up around the frame and back up through one of the holes in the body that you can only see with the trunk open. Then...
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    DIY-Gen3/4 Window Regulator

    Good idea. I will try that when I do passenger side. Unfortunately I didn't have a new door flag for the driver door while I was doing the regulator, mine is ripped.
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    Window Regulator -GEN 3/4 Archilles Heel

    Does anyone want to take a look at this DIY and let me know what you think, or if I should add anything.

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