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    1997 B/W front bumper facia painted

    I just SOLD the last known N.O.S. Factory Paint Fascia with fog lamps, reinforcement and fasteners. Purchased from manufacturer manager that supplied MOPAR
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    Alum radiator needed

    will a NASCAR Cup Radiator fit into a Viper? has anyone attempted this?
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    Alum radiator needed

    Mechanical and Chemical Engineers have formulated the proper alloys that control the rate of expansion and metal fatigue. This material is costly. If aftermarket radiator manufacturers do not invest in the quality alloys then they deserve any and all negative feed back due to failure...
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    Alum radiator needed

    FLUIDYNE - contact Gary Johnson, Owner FLUIDYNE High Performance Fluidyne High Performance Manufacturer's Part Number : FHP30-98VI Radiator Style : Crossflow Overall Width (in)29.500 in. Overall Height (in)15.118 in. Overall Thickness (in)3.500 in. Row...
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    Barrett Jackson Insurance Collector Car

    Abstract: NEW YORK (Standard&Poor's) Jan. 8, 2010--Standard&Poor's Ratings Services said today that it withdrew its 'A+' financial strength rating on Chartis International Insurance Co. of Puerto Rico (Chartis PR). National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, PA, which is an affiliate of...
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    The top 10 cars for **********

    quote=vipergtspa;2881953]Just came across this and thought I would share. The Top 10 Cars for ********** | SPIKE I agreed with all but number 10 :mad:
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    Where's CARMEN Gullage

    thanks for this link. however, NO REPLY from CARMEN as of yet.
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    Where's CARMEN Gullage

    I am trying to reach CARMEN Gullage VCA PA Chapter President. I have not heard any replies from my emails. if some one has phone number ( the one on this site goes to voice mail) or other emailfor CARMEN please send Private Message. thanks you very much. WRD
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    looking for set of 96-98 polished/chrome wheels

    I have a set of 1998 O.E. Wheels with center caps in excellent condition p/m sent
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    Pittsburgh Vipers

    Try downloading this link: Car shows attract crowds, donations: Watch the video - Niagara Falls Review - Ontario, CA it is from coverage by the NIAGARA FALLS REVIEW of the VIPER Event at Niagara Falls Sept. 2009 the first 14 seconds are a "sound bite" of my 1997 Viper GTS at idle and pulling...
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    Pittsburgh Vipers

    Thanks for the referral. Actually the correct name of the performance shop in Pittsburgh is: DYNAMICS SERVICE CENTER 5444 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Pa 15206 established in 1984
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    Pittsburgh Vipers

    private email sent
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    latrobe dodge

    Re: Viper Tech in Western Pa. Pittsburgh Pa Due to the "vintage" of Gen 1 and Gen 2 Vipers locating Parts and an Experienced Viper Technician can be a bit of a challenge. There is a Performance Facility that can address the concerns of Viper Owners and Enthusiasts: DYNAMICS SERVICE CENTER...

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