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    How to mount Kumho Ecsta XS?

    I think what is more important is which half of the tire is on the outside...not necessarily the pattern of the direction of the tread. The tire looks to be divided in thirds by different "block" patterns due to handling the cornering aspect of the tire versus the high speed aspect versus the...
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    Love at first site....

    There are a few that are for sale (2006 SRT10 Coupes) in the classified for under 55K. Most are VCA members and the cars should be in good shape. One of the coupes have a Corsa exhaust and is selling for 54K. Best of luck.
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    How to mount Kumho Ecsta XS?

    Looking at the pictures from Tire Rack...there seems to be a printed side that states "outside". Upon ordering the tires from Tire doesnt specify left front, right rear, would figure that as long as the word "outside" is on the outside, you are good to go...
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    Friend needs help

    There is a guy that regularly goes to the Cars and Coffee here in Hawaii. He has a V8 Astin. If your friend comes out to one of them....he can meet him and talk to him about that. Next one is on Valentines Day though.....dont know about that one...depends if he is single or not. ;)
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    Wheels off of Gen II on Gen III?

    I would assume that if the CCW wheels were built for the GenII with having a BBK installed in mind, then it would probably fit. Though I dont think that the wheel would fit if it wasnt since the calipers on the GenIII are larger/thicker. At the same time, the offsets might be different since I...
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    Horrible weather but drove anyway

    Got a hold of that other Sapphire Blue one? I have been looking for that guy for a while now...and haven't caught him.
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    Lightweight Lug nuts - do these fit a 2000 GTS?

    EErrrrr sorry and forgive my ignorance in metallurgy. :D I just wanted to give myself an excuse to spend the extra money on them.
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    The Ultimate Wheel Thread !

    Okay fixed it
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    Lightweight Lug nuts - do these fit a 2000 GTS?

    If you make them powdercoated or anodized as color options maybe.
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    Lightweight Lug nuts - do these fit a 2000 GTS?

    In SCCA solo II the aluminum ones least I did. While I was looking at many different lug nut options due to the color choices (for the Viper)....the aluminum ones are a bit more "brittle". If you use an impact wrench on them...odds are you will crack them. The open ended ones...
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    Buying new wheels... All feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

    This is a picture of my Viper: And yes...all you need to do is jack the car up and replace with the new tire and rim. The larger the rim...the smaller the sidewall. Has to be that way to...
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    New Shoes are here

    Cant remember what the stock offset are. But +50/+50 is the most "you" probably can go with a Gen III. This is on a 19" rim with 11" front and 13" rear. Gen II's I think has a little more play...based on his Gen III versus my Gen II fitment. 20's would have to be a slightly narrower rim if...
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    The Ultimate Wheel Thread !

    I dont have a web page for my attachments they are going to be...sorry. Opps...okay...just got "schooled" by HI-NOS-VIPER...LOL....thanks again. :2tu: 2000 GTS/ACR HRE's C22
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    Buying new wheels... All feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

    I think it depends. What kind of driving do you do? Whats the road conditions? How much money do you have? If you are going for just the looks....then go 20's. Tires would be a little limited....I agree with Chuck that you would be better of in getting larger rotors and calipers since they...
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    Thanks HI-NOS-Viper....for spreading the Aloha

    No prob. AAA to the rescue. LOL. Thanks to all the admins that helped out too. Much appreciated in everyone taking the time. Glad that you liked the rims as well. Like I said.....those were the ones that I was going to get prior......:smirk: :D