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a couple of newbie questions

Discussion in 'New Owner Questions' started by ScottL, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. ScottL

    ScottL Enthusiast

    Apr 12, 2019
    I got a 2000 rt10 yesterday. First time owning this car, and I have zero experience driving cars like this. I have wanted one for about 20 years, and finally just bought one, having no idea what to expect. So these questions may sound incredibly newbie, but nonetheless, figured I would ask here.

    First, I drove it back home yesterday about 200 miles. The thing is so incredibly loud (compared to my daily cars) that I wasn't sure when to actually shift gears. For example, cruising at 70mph, it would run at about 3000rpm in 5th gear, higher in 4th gear, and even higher in 3rd gear, but never hit the redline area. I was always taught to "listen and feel" in gear shifting to make it so that it doesn't rev high. But in the case of the viper, I have been reading that 3000pm isn't revving high, but I'm not used to the normal sounds, so I am completely lost here. Any insight into reality here would be helpful. Maybe something like "if you are cruising at this speed, you would probably be at this rpm and in this gear" -- I know this is different on different engines, but I really am at a total loss here. I think it's just because I'm not used to something this loud/powerful -- not to mention that it feels like I'm constantly sitting on top of a rocket waiting to launch even at 60mph.

    Second, I have zero experience in driving rear-wheel cars and within 5 minutes of driving, I experienced a situation where I feel like I didn't really hit the gas at all, but did slightly turning in the middle of an intersection and the back started sliding. So I released the gas and the car popped back into control and I was paranoid to even turn the car the rest of the way home. If anyone has any good links or "starters" on how to understand handling better, that would also be helpful. I will probably go spend a few hours a mall parking lot this weekend.
  2. nmp1

    nmp1 Enthusiast

    Jul 7, 2017
    the rpm at 70mph should be like 1800rpm if was stock so i assume it has had the rear end changed. the car is a torque monster so you need to use a light foot when youre learning to drive it. make sure the tires are in good shape and less than 7 years old. get the car on a lift and give all the suspension a good once over to make sure nothing is worn or broken.

  3. plumcrazy

    plumcrazy Enthusiast

    Jun 9, 2003
    you really need to respect a viper with that little of experience. Check the date codes on the tires, assume youre driving on ice for a while till you get used to it. NEVER hit the gas when the wheels arent pointed straight ahead. chances are youre gonna wreck it, be VERY careful !
  4. steve e

    steve e Enthusiast

    Oct 23, 1995
    By the RPMs that you stated you are ether in the wrong gear or someone swapped out the stock 3:08 rear and put in 4:10s or what ever, in 6th gear the car will do 70 at idle and in 5th maybe 1600 rpm or so at 70 if stock. Take every ones advice here and be care full, a Viper is not like any other car on the road, with so much power and torque it will try to kill you every chance it gets and thats what makes a Viper so cool, once you master it you must use it for the good of mankind, Its a big responsibility grass hopper.

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