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Another What's its worth thread?

Discussion in 'SRT10 and SRT10 Coupe Discussions' started by TheMilkman, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. TheMilkman

    TheMilkman Enthusiast

    Nov 15, 2009
    With a sad and heavy heart :( I have decided now would be the best time to sell my 08, if I have any hope of saving up for a 2013.

    I say that because it's still under warranty which I think would be a good thing due to the higher miles.

    Anyway, after serious research and taking my head out of the clouds I came up with a price of $59,900 for my stock 08 coupe that has 24,800 miles on it.

    It has never been wrecked, although it has rock chips. (You just can't avoid rock chips in Colorado).

    I wanted to keep it just a little longer, but I think it only fair that is someone wants to pick it up in Colorado they should be able to drive it a bit before the snow sets in.

    Do you think my price is too low?

    Ad should show up in classifieds once it's approved.

  2. Smog Dog

    Smog Dog Enthusiast

    Jul 4, 2003
    Massillon, Ohio
    I think your pricing is good and well researched. I would be very firm at that price---there is not much out there for less money. I also think your timing is right as far as warranty and information releases on the Gen V goes. I went through the same thought process in deciding to sell my black/silver 08 with 1500 miles on it, for the same reason. Mine went to a dealer in Canada for 67K. You did the right thing by starting here, but I would move on to Ebay quickly for lots of cheap exposure if the classifieds don't work out. Good luck with your sale. Hopefully, the Gen V will be worth the wait!

  3. FrgMstr

    FrgMstr Guest

    Wow, that is a GREAT PRICE for that car, you should not have trouble moving it at all. Hell if it was a vert, I would buy it for less than $60K! 25K is not a lot of miles if you have solid maintenance records. At least the car has been driven, good for you bro.
  4. ACRucrazy

    ACRucrazy Enthusiast

    Jul 14, 2009
    I watched a violet 08 with 19k miles? relist on ebay a few times at under $60k. The dealer would have sold it to me outright for $58k.
    I don't think it's too low considering the market and mileage. I think its a good price and I am tempted myself so I could have one to drive and not have to worry about putting the first rock chip in it myself :drive:
  5. bmw2nv2000

    bmw2nv2000 Enthusiast

    Oct 28, 2008
    Adamsville, TN
    SO you bugged a dealer enough to work up the final numbers on a Violet 08 and got the price down to probably the cheapest Ive ever heard of and STILL did not buy????? Then you passed up on the CHEAPEST 09 ACR ever and the CHEAPEST VOODOO ever and now even this viper "tempts" you???? It seems every viper thats for sale or been bought in the past few weeks youve had your "eye on it" .......... but seem to passup on some of the best prices ever. Man you are a patient person if you wait long enough and post on here enough someone here may just give you a viper to help end your never ending search.:)
  6. PDCjonny

    PDCjonny Enthusiast

    Nov 2, 2004
    Starting to sound like this guy: http://forums.viperclub.org/threads/640299-New-2009-Viper-ACR-pricing?highlight=tomball
    He never found one either.
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  7. ACRucrazy

    ACRucrazy Enthusiast

    Jul 14, 2009
    1- I would love to have owned a Violet 08. Very rare indeed. I didnt bug him. I saw it list and not hit reserve multiple times with high bids in the 55-56k range. I simply asked what would it take to buy it? It had 19k miles or so on it, however it did not look to be in the best shape. Had an aftermarket cheesy shifter, aftermarket radio and speakers that didn't look all that great, rock chips, worn armor-alled tires and stickers on it. End of the world? No, it was a good price, but it did not look to be taken care of, THAT is the sole reason I didnt push on getting the vehicle. It was offered by Motorcars of Las Vegas. I spent a week in Vegas last month and I had planned on looking at it, however the listing was removed the day I flew in. I see the seller is still sitting on 05 Silver Mamba he had last time I was down there.

    2- The "CHEAPEST 09 ACR" auction ended while I spent the entire day wrenching in the garage. I did not expect it to go that cheap and had not planned on bidding on it because it was not the color I desired. It was a no reserve auction, so I added it to my watch list. I was curious what it would go for. If I had known it was going to go that cheap I would have bid and lived withe the color, but again not a color I cared for nor did I think it would go for 7k under what I was expecting.

    3- The Voodoo was a very fair price indeed, again, not my color. I love black cars, I have owned many, however I would prefer not to have black Viper. Sexy looking but a pain to keep looking good. My 2011 Black Outdoorsman Ram started to show scratches at 2000 miles. (Yes that is more of a daily use vehicle and not as babied as a viper would be, I get that.)

    4- I am a patient person. I don't need anything right now. I will wait until I find a car I want at the price I want. I have started to notice comments on this site, "you missed another one" "you belong in a vette" type comments. Great. Just because I don't and won't go pay sticker for a car doesn't mean I am a "bottom feeder" as others have put it. While I envy those with multiple Vipers and multiple other high end cars I am not in the position to be one of those. So kudos to all you who can just go out and buy what you want and pay whatever is asked.

    I am not some wanna b or whatever a few think they have me pegged at. Purchased many vehicles over the years. I have flown to WA, GA, MD for vehicles, I have driven to several other states and am doing so next week for another. 28hr round trip, truck and trailer. I have the cash to buy a Gen 2, 3, or 4 today. I would like a Gen 4 ACR and I will wait until I find a Viper in the color, condition and price I want. Will I compromise? Sure, but so will the price.

    Good luck with the sale Milk.

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