Atlanta Motorsports Park Dec. 8-9


Jun 25, 2007
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Orlando, Fl
Just letting everyone know I have AMP rented out the weekend of Dec. 8-9 and we are having an HPDE. AMP is a brand new state of the art track in Dawsonville, GA (North). ONLY 60 cars will be allowed to register for the event so make sure to signup ASAP. We will be running 4 run groups which means only 15 cars on the track @ a time. Lots of open space!!! Each run group will have 4 sessions a day and sessions are 25 min. long. Car numbers WILL be provided to all registrants of the event plus a free T-shirt. The registration fee for this event will be $449 per driver for the weekend.

There is a 98db sound limit at this track. Please prepare in advance for this if your exhaust is close to or exceeds this limit. We have no control over this issue. This is measured using A-frequency weighting. If you have cats and mufflers (even aftermarkets) you should be ok. You can download free apps on smartphones to measure.

PM me for questions and/or registration details.