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    Truly fantastic documentary of one the most interesting automotive stories. It is so hard to capture the passion that went into this effort, and this film does it well. What I personally love about the film is that it doesn’t skirt around the challenges. This track is one of the most unforgiving places on earth. The fact is that the entire effort was designed to go beat the record and they did not get there. Not because the car isn’t capable of it, but because this environment is tough. It is unreasonable to expect a group of passionate Viper owners to come to the track and beat the record. In fact, it is CRAZY that Viper owners funded this whole thing. It is unreasonable to think that people could ship a car over and schedule a date 6 months in advance to have decent weather. It is AWESOME that so many drivers were able to hop in the cars and do a 7:03 or 7:01 on their first lap. This film captures the excitement of knowing the car is capable of much more, and it captures the heartbreak of a broken car.

    I was personally involved in the record effort in 2011. I was personally involved in a bunch of the behind the scenes planning on this effort. I know how much work went into this. I am also a racing driver. I know that to get the most out of a car, you need to push it hard. I have been involved in several incidents throughout my career that felt like this. The main difference is that I didn’t have a film crew watching my every move. Congratulations to Colin Fox for putting together such a great documentary. Congratulations to everyone involved for keeping in real. This was a legit grassroots effort. The ups and downs are part of life, but even more so at the Nurburgring. I am grateful to be able to relive it through this film. I invested money to see this attempt happen, and this film allows me to actually get a return on that investment. Thank you.
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