LAST DAY to register for VOI 11 - here is why you should


Apr 26, 1999
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Overland Park, KS
Most of you should have received an email on Tuesday with the "Top Ten Reasons to Register for VOI 11" - also shown below. With today, September 15th, being the very last day to register for this event, we want to reiterate a few other reasons you should be considering attending this particular VOI. We don't want you to be reading all the great reports coming out of Salt Lake City in a couple weeks and saying, "Geez, if I had only known it was going to be that cool..." Well it is, and here are some other reasons why:

  • Park City is closing the downtown area streets for us on both Friday and Saturday so that you can park your Viper right on Main Street and enjoy all that the area has to offer. You will even get a little "seed money" to spend at area businesses, including your choice of just about any restaurant - and there are several.
  • There will be live entertainment set up in town for VOI attendees with one of the best-known bands in the area - featuring the mayor of Park City!
  • Three different television networks will be filming during this event, so your chances of high definition TV immortality have probably never been greater. Also keep an eye out for one of the hosts of the new US-based Top Gear TV show, as the producers of that show tell us he will be here as well.
  • LIVE airbrush demonstrations by one of the very best in the business: Mr. Bob Soroka, Senior Designer for SRT, will be doing a custom airbrushing of a Viper hood in the Exhibitor area. Even better, he will be bringing a completed hood to auction off later during the weekend.
  • Speaking of auctions, this will be the ULTIMATE opportunity to get some pretty amazing stuff: Remember those airbrushed Gen II hoods on display at Conner Avenue Assembly Plant, including the one in the front lobby? They have been generously donated by Dodge to auction off during this event. Our own Viper Parts of America is donating other Viper/SRT collectibles, including the entire Comp Coupe roof panel from the car that raced the F16 Jet at Luke Air Force Base - including the large USAF logo on the top. How about a door or fender from the now-infamous EM50 development mule that begat the Viper ACR? "Zisky Racing" played a huge role in Viper history and you can own a piece of it. best of all, we are bringing in one of the top-rated auctioneers in the country - who also happens to be a Viper owner (two of them) and new VCA member.
  • Police escorts on parts of the scenic cruise and parade into Park City.
  • The traditional VERY wide angle group photo from Doug Chadwick Photography
  • Luxury motor coaches for those not electing to drive - they even have WiFi on board!
  • 24/7 security for ALL locations, including several off-duty SLC police officers.
  • Fantastic meals at the only 5-Diamond hotel in Utah - and one that many say is the finest hotel in the United States.
  • Goody bags, centerpieces, posters, shirts, jackets - they will all be there
  • Vendors galore, including Bad Boyzz Racing, Venzano Interiors, Viper Parts Larry, Roe Racing, MGW, Midwest Jewelry, PartsRack, Vipair, Mopar, RaceDeck Flooring, and many more!
  • Underground parking that has been tested with a lowered Viper (Warfang's) with no scraping issues and featuring not one, not two, but THREE wash areas including softened water through the hotel's water system.
  • Round trip air fares are still cheap: NYC nonstop for under $300, Miami for under $400, Chicago for $250 nonstop, Dallas under $300, Portland, Oregon for only $156 nonstop roundtrip, etc., etc.
There are simply too many reasons you should make time to attend this event. Dodge Night alone will be well worth the trip, especially when you can spend time with Viper friends like Ralph Gilles, Tom Gale, Francois Castaing, Herb Helbig, and many, many others.

Now about those Top Ten reasons we sent out on Tuesday, here you go:

Top Ten Reasons to Register for VOI 11 Today

10. Our friends at Dodge will be bringing numerous vehicles for you to inspect and drive, including 2010 Vipers.
9. Theme song! That's right, this VOI features the first-ever Viper theme song - and it is pretty darn good!
8. Not one, but THREE nationally televised races held during the event - two Viper Cup races and the World Challenge season finale.
7. Track time at one of the greatest road courses in America, Miller Motorsports Park. Includes road course, autocross, and karting!
6. Awesome Viper vendors at the hotel & track, also featuring LIVE airbrush demos from Bob Soroka, Senior Designer with SRT.
5. Explore the wonders of the Wasatch Mountain range during our scenic cruise, with lunch and entertainment in beautiful Park City.
4. Learn how to curl and watch world class speed skaters at the amazing Olympic Oval, home of several world records and Friday's dinner.
3. Spend quality time with the folks from Chrysler, Dodge, and SRT, including informative tech sessions at the track and hotel.
2. Sneak peek at future products with your host, Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles, on Saturday's Dodge Night.

and the #1 reason you don't dare want to miss this VOI in Salt Lake City:

Spending time with all your Viper friends from around the world! Switzerland, Japan, Canada, England, and just about everywhere else (yes, even Alaska).

So be sure to register TODAY, as it positively closes at midnight on Wednesday, September 15th:

We look forward to seeing you in just a couple weeks!


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Aug 30, 2010
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Stansbury Park, Utah
Maybe some insight. I live about five miles from millers track. It is an absolutly awsome track, I have been there numerous times, although I have never driven it (I know I know) but those I have talked to say it is one of the best courses in the world! In fact I believe it was voted just that last year or the year before.
The weather here is perfect right now (Lows in the low 60's, highs in the upper 80's. hope it holds for you all)
Just a little insight. :2tu:


Oct 22, 2003
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Pittsburgh, PA
I'm really bummed.:( I'll be out of town for something else and can't make it. Have fun everyone! I'll be checking the forums for updates and pictures.

Tony, congrats buddy! That is awesome!

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