Northeast NARRA Triple Play PDE & TT Offer!!!!


Apr 3, 2006
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Our friends at NARRA have put together a very special VCA Triple Play offer for the VCA and Northeast VCA membership. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or want enjoy time trials, there's something for everyone! 5 NARRA track days on the east coast this year!!! See below for more details:
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Best 3 weekends NE Viper TT Championship Rules:

To enter the NE Viper Championship you must compete in 3 or more weekends; two or more of your choice (from RA, NJMP, VIR and MMC) plus the Watkins Glen finals weekend.

A North East Viper TT Championship trophy will be awarded for each time-trial class (TT-Unlimited, TT-1, TT-2 and TT-3) to the VCA member (current, paid member) with the most points from his/her best 3 weekends (or best 5 rounds), including the final Saturday round at Watkins Glen.

The benefit of going to more than the minimum 3 weekends is you get more rounds to choose your eligible points from, and you'll be in the running for the full Whelen US TimeTrial Championship too!

Contingencies from Hoosier, Cool Shirt, Moton, Sunoco, TeamTech and GoPro, and bonus points will apply as per Whelen US TimeTrial Championship rules, providing all conditions are met.

Remember, if you go to 3 weekends plus the Watkins Glen finals you're also in the running for the Whelen US TimeTrial Championship!

Sign up now to get your FREE membership, FREE magazine subscription, 7.5% entry discount:

1. REGISTER as a user on

Fill out the following form, checking box for FREE Grassroots Motorsports Subscription and using the special code "VCATriplePlay".

(If you already have a login, go straight to your "Membership Dashboard" and step 3.)

2. Select your membership option, Regular or TimeTrial, and enter your the code "VCATriplePlay".

3. Email Lisakay Golde ([email protected]) with "VCA TriplePlay" in the subject heading or call her 817 829 4893.

List your Name, Car, Class, Contact details and the events you wish to attend.

To receive the 7.5% discount on all entry fees immediately you must pay for at least 3 events upfront.

Alternatively, we will apply your 7.5% discount on all entry fees to when you pay for your 3rd weekend.

Offer only valid to current and paid members from the NJ,NY/CT, PA, New England and Canada VCA clubs entering in the Beginner and Solo USPDE, and Whelen USTTC. Discount of 7.5% only applies to Friday test and weekend entry fees. Discount does not apply to any other fees such as, but not limited to, memberships, garages and banquets.


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