Oil Change Day, pizza and get together!(New Post/Date)

Discussion in 'VCA Viper Events and Gatherings' started by Mopar Steve, Feb 22, 2016.

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    I have previously posted that i would be hosting an Oil Change Day at my home/shop in Delaware. This post sets the date, where, when, and details.

    April 2nd.

    My home in Delaware. For those that have not been here in the past PM me here and I will give you the address.

    Oil Change Day. I have two lifts here and will be hosting the event. for those not familiar with wrenching on your car I will be glad to help and teach anyone that needs help. Tools: I have every tool that could possible be needed (and many more). I will also be providing Pizza and sodas.

    Immediately following the event at my home there is a cruise night about three miles away at a large shopping center. I will be awesome for all of us to show up together and make a huge impression with our Vipers. This cruise night usually draws about 200 cars.

    You will need to bring any fluids/filters/etc that you will want to change. This is a great time for us to check belts, hoses, wiper blades, tires, brake and clutch fluids, etc. Again I will be happy to assist anyone not comfortable doing this themselves.

    Space is limited so please let me know if you will be attending so that I can plan accordingly. We have had as many as 10 Vipers in the past.

    I will be posting this in the "regions" forums so that the moderators know this "double post" was so that no one misses it.

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