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    It's officially on the streets now!

    Thanks! I can hardly wait until spring to discover it's full potential!!
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    It's officially on the streets now!

    I've been through 2 generations, the 2001 GTS, 2003 SRT 10 Vert and 2006 SRT 10 Blue / White Coupe. Each was faster than the previous car. The Hellcat seems faster than all of them possibly because of the much larger physical size and the Supercharger. My seat time in the Hellcat has so far...
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    It's officially on the streets now!

    My Sublime Green Hellcat is due to be delivered today. Not having driven one before, I'm glad that I have 14 years of Viper experience under my belt before getting behind the wheel! :headbang::headbang::headbang:
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    Any word on Price yet???

    Rumor has it that they're giving one FREE new Viper purchaser just to stimulate sales... :headbang::headbang:
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    New Viper at the Detroit Auto Show?

    If the new Viper does show up at an auto show, I'd bet that's it's more likely we will see it either in Chicago or Los Angeles. The Challenger made it's debut in Chicago and I believe some of the past Viper changes were introduced in LA. Time will tell! :2tu::2tu:
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    How do you say "No" Politely

    NFW! That's how I do it. :2tu::2tu::2tu:
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    CC New Owner

    Gus: PM waiting for you! :2tu::2tu:
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    2006 First Edition, Who Has One?

    Gus: PM waiting for you! :2tu::2tu:
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    CC New Owner

    Congrats Gus with your new acquisition! Wow! You really did take the plunge...I hope it serves you well and keeps you safe every time you get behind the wheel. Always it like you stole it! Hope all is well with you, Gail and family. We think of you fondly, often! (And...
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    Two-Tone Viper - A new look

    IMHO... It makes what originally looks like a "badly fitting toupe" into an even "badlier fitting toupe"! Paint it black ASAP! I guess that's why I've always been more partial to coupes! :drive:
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    Which are the correct factory supplied Gen 2 ignition keys? (pic)

    My Gen 2 Bumblebee came with 2 Black Plastic keys. :2tu:
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    Please sign this petition!!!!!

    Signed: KHM (I made gas tanks and other stampings at the Eight Mile and Outer Drive plants in the 70's during the summer "89 day jobs" given to Chrysler employee kids. It made it possible for me to pay my college tuition at Wayne State University. To a large degree, I owe much of my success...
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    Exhaust Popping Sound - What is it from?

    The pops certainly make for interesting reactions when driving thru the ghetto! :drive: :headbang:
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    GM Chrysler merger?

    Consider this: An economist who's pretty savvy (a personal friend) in the financial workings of the auto business suggested that perhaps Cerberus and GM are "talking it up" to get investors interested in buying stock in anticipation of a merger or buyout. Not a bad idea especially for Cerberus...
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    My Viper is now Dead

    I feel your pain! I lost my 2001 Bumble Bee under similar circumstances at about the same time of the year. The silver lining was that the Insco gave me a great settlement (probably more than I might have sold it for at the time) and salvaged it to someone in Florida. Ironically, Car Fax...