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    Pilot Sport Cups 315/30/18 Fronts

    Anyone have experience with going to larger fronts (315s) on GEN IV? Stock ACR width is 295. Rims will remain 18" x 10". Appreciate any input, particularly track experience.
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    Gen 4 heads on Gen 2 Block

    Arrow has a GEN II to GEN IV conversion package using easily adapted GEN IV heads.
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    ACRX Headers

    You can't disconnect downstream O2 sensors and keep the stock controller.
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    Gen 4 FULL Belanger set up. Opinions?

    Here's a copy of a letter I wrote Lou Belanger: Lou; I promised to report on the final dyno test of my '08 Viper, after installing the MOPAR Stage 1 ECM. The quick background is: Baseline - Pure Stock: 533/503; car had ~5,000 miles on it. Follow-up - Belangers to stock...
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    Gen-IV Motor Mounts

    '08 Coupe (559 RWHP/535 RWTQ) - Woodhouse transmission and engine mounts with Stage 1 Mopar ECM and Belangers to stock mufflers: ZERO problems. Much improved track performance, especially on twisties. Some noticeable increase in cabin vibration but worth it. Don't do engine mounts without also...
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    Speeding ticket poll

    2008 black coupe/graphite stripes. 91 MPH in a 70.
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    Naming the new snake logo

    Genny or Hissy; I'd expect to see this in a Jungle Book cartoon from Disney.
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    GEN V Viper picture at VOI 11....

    This is quite close in broad terms: - roofline was sweeping like this but with a very large rear deck window; helmet bubbles on rooftop were separated by a wide, square-edged "channel" running down center - no rounded edges like this or previous GENs. Rear vents (like 599 roofline but...
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    2004 Viper Sway Bar End Links.

    Contact Roe Racing, Jacksonville, Fla.( their catalog will satisfy your needs, I believe.
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    My first track day ...I want more... advice appreciated

    Late to this blog but offer the following: Recent testing by Kuno Wittmer at Mosport on GEN IVs (all factory-stock): - Coupe 1:28 - ACR 1:24 - ACR-X 1:20 Mentioned he was in 5th for a nano-second in the X (~165/170 MPH).
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    2009 Viper ACR Svc Manuals Extinct?

    Nothing in print for GEN IV's (I have an '08 and tried w/o success); CD ~$250.
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    Anyone from Ontario planning VOI 11?

    First time I've been here, so late in replying. I am driving, there and back (as I mentioned to you during the recent CAAP tour). Leisurely pace 450 miles/day x 4 each way.
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    VCA Ohio CAAP Plant Tour May 7, 2010

    Sorry for late reply...haven't been to site in awhile. We're leaving Thursday after lunch probably, get there before 6. Likely staying at Motor City Casino hotel, heading back after CAAP tour and lunch, home before dark. Are you going Thursday? Happy to meet you en route; perhaps join us for...
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    VCA Ohio CAAP Plant Tour May 7, 2010

    Many thanks...look forward to meeting you. Denis

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