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(1) set of EV14/EV6 1000cc Injectors w/extenders

Discussion in 'New Products and Supplier Specials' started by Viper Specialty, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Viper Specialty

    Viper Specialty Viper Owner

    Feb 14, 2002
    Buffalo NY, USA
    I have here (1) set of take-off injectors available, they have about 100 miles on them. They are Bosch new-generation EV14 cores, and modified by Five-O-Motorsports to be 1000cc [96lb]. There was nothing wrong with the injectors, but we use Injector Dynamics in our builds, and these were removed and replaced as the buyer did not know these werent actually ID1000's orginally. In effect, these are more or less an "ID1000 knockoff".

    Included is 10 injectors, 10 Filter/Extenders, and 10 NEW Injector Connectors w/Terminals. They are supposedly balanced and tested according to Five-O, but I have not done any testing on them.

    New these are 885.00/Set, available for 685.00 here.
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