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2015 North Texas events

Discussion in 'Texas: South/Central' started by Nsane1, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Nsane1

    Nsane1 Enthusiast

    Nov 8, 2000
    Dallas, TX US
    Thanks all of your who took the time to come this Saturday and fill out the survey, we had nearly 50 people in attendance, and we had some great input on what our events will be this year. I think with the 50 people and nearly 30 surveys filled out, I think we got a great idea of what our 100+ members want to do, so thanks for showing democracy can work. As always, anyone with a Viper is welcome to any of our events.

    The below are the events for the year, those events with an asterisk will have a rain date the week after. We are beginning the process of putting these up on our various communications mediums.

    Other announcements:
    1) For those of you who were not there, the overwhelming idea is to have more cruises, so you have more as events. Additionally, we will have more track events, as a secondary event for some of these months (kind of like how March is)
    2) Please keep the renewals going, I think most of you have renewed, like 75% I think have, but there are still a few outstanding

    February 14 Cruise to Valentine Dinner at Brad Gorrondona’s House
    March 21 Viper Roundup in Houston
    March 29 COTA event Dan Everts and Adrenaline Rally, Also there is a MSR group going out this weekend, so many to choose from
    April 11 Guns and Dozers
    May 9 AutoCross with our own equipment!
    June 13 Cruise meet at Pig Biker Bar Harry Hines on*
    July 5 Drag Racing at TMS first weekend then big event on 2d weekend
    July 11 Cruise to Woodshed Ft Worth*
    August 8 Boat Lake Party lake Lewisville
    September 12 Wine Cruise*
    October 10 Poker Run Viper Ball Run*
    November 14 K1 Karting
    December 12 Christmas Party David Browns House

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