Autoform GTS Adjustable Wing For Sale (No Holes In Your Body)

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    Feb 11, 2005
    I am selling my Autoform GTS Adjustable Wing. This will give you a wing for your Viper GTS and you will not have any visible holes in the body. The only place you have to drill holes is behind your license plate. This wing is removable within 5 minutes after it is installed.

    Please note that there are no nuts or bolts with it ($10 at your local hardware store). Also, I am missing the steel mounting plate which mounts inside your trunk behind the license plate. This is the piece that the wing attaches to the vehicle with. I know I have this plate but as of now I do not know where it is and most likely will not be able to find it anytime soon since I have so much stuff in my garage. You can simply get a piece of steel and drill the proper holes and it will accomplish the same thing. You will also need to paint this accordingly.

    I am asking $999 or best offer. Thank you.

    Here is my ebay listing if you want to see it.

    Compare to $2210 from Autoform brand new.

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