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Dyno Day

Discussion in 'Oklahoma' started by alpha85, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. alpha85

    alpha85 Enthusiast

    Jul 21, 2005
    I took my 08 to a local dyno event here in OKC this past week. I am waiting on the charts to be e-mailed, but here some pics of the dyno run that was on a flat screen out side the garage. Needless to say I was surprised and very happy with the results. My mods are Belanger headers and exhaust, Mopar PCM I am running 91 octane mixed with Torco fuel additive. The mixing chart is 1.6oz per gallon to get to 95 octane. It made 630rwhp and 613rwtq

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  2. Scott Mannny

    Scott Mannny Viper Owner

    Oct 17, 2008
    Wow, that is some great numbers!!!!!!:D Now, we have got to get you and that car on the track, are you ready???

    Watch for Ken's e-mail for the dates. I belive that Hallet is April 22 and 23rd. We have four that will be there and there is always room for more and don't forget the VCA Zone Auto Cross over Memorial day weekend in OKC. Make plans now, we need everybody to be there.
  3. chesapeake07

    chesapeake07 Viper Owner

    Jan 11, 2009
    Awesome numbers. I just started using Torco fuel additive and I must say it is impressive.

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