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  1. Much

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    Nov 6, 2002

    Maybe some one can help me ?

    I have a 1994 Gen1 Viper with the following mods :

    - Harland Sharp 1,7 Roller Rockers + PushRods

    - 3" Belanger Headers + Spiralflow Muffler + Roeracing Muffler

    - Gen2 ThrottleBodys
    K&N Filters + SmoothTubes
    Gen2 fuel injectors

    - Under drive Crank Pulley

    - Greg Good Stage3 Heads (Shaved + 0,027 Gaskets for 10:1 Compression Ratio + Ported + 2,020" / 1,600" Valves)
    + Flow 302 cfm intake , 232 cfm exhaust side.

    - Wild Comp. Cam + Chris Jensen ECU tune

    - New Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

    - VEC2 fine tuning ???

    Chris Tuned the Car very good , it runs great at idle and cruising , but is too lean at Wot in some RPM range

    Its to lean at about 2-3000 Rpm ( 14,7 ) + 4-5000RPM (14 ) but its to Rich from 3-4000RPM , iam at +200% fuel from 2-3000 RPM and iam at -170% Fuel at 3-4000 RPM , +6ms at WOT
    but there is no differrenc in AFR

    At first i thought the Stock original Fuel Pump is to old and weak so i addet a new Bosch 044 ( Shoul support 600HP , and i dont think i have that much HP)
    but it does not made a difference.

    The only thing that made a Difference in AFR is when i addet +11% Fuel injectors Pulse (+111%)
    The AFR come down 1 Full point from 15,7 to 14,7 but gets the AFR to Rich at 3-4000RPM

    What could be the Probleme , Fuel injectors ? Fuel Pressure ?
    Should i try a MSD Fuel pressure booster

    I also have The Primer Timer Relay in the Car because i had the Hard starting Problem , could this cause a weak Fuel Pressure at WOT ?

    Its hard for me to Understand when the Car is Rich at some RPM Range the Fuel Pressure cant be the Probleme , or is my thinking wrong ???

    Maybe some VEC Tuning Experts can Help me out ??
    I can send AFR Files ( ZEITRONIX ) and VEC2 Files per email

    [email protected]

    Greetings From Austria


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