Outside shoulder chunking during track weekend


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Jan 7, 2013
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So I just got back from my yearly track weekend and was getting my car all cleaned up and reset for street duty, but noticed the outside shoulders of my front tires had several spots where they had "chunked" out. I'm a bit confused as to what might have caused this though, so wondering if anyone else had experienced this or had any ideas. The tires are Michelin Pilot Supersports. I had my alignment set pretty aggressive at around -2.5 deg of camber and 0.08 toe out per wheel on the front (at least that's what I could read with my equipment, which is just your average camber gauge and a home built set of smart strings). Those numbers were more or less taken from the gen 5 ACR track setup video on YouTube. I was trying to run hot pressures at 34-36 throughout the weekend (started at 36, tried 34 later), though measurements were taken in the pits after a cooldown lap, so they might be a tough higher on track. Most guides only mention outside shoulder wear being a positive camber problem, but I'm running way the other way, so that doesn't make sense. Maybe it's from the inside wheel of a turn though? That was one of the only ways I could picture loading up the outside shoulder harder than the inside with the camber settings I have. Otherwise the tires actually look surprisingly good compared to what I was expecting. I had thought they were going to look far more worn this time around, but they actually look like they'd still be good for another year or two. These tires already had two half weekends on them before the full weekend I just ran, but I don't recall seeing any chunks missing when I put them on, so pretty sure all the damage is from the event I just finished. Any ideas what I should be looking for?

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