RSI Rebuild w/Dyno numbers

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    Sep 29, 2008
    Dyno 6-12.jpg Roe pic.JPG photo.JPG Here are a couple of pics and my car's dyno. Engine was rebuilt by RSi.
    -Forged pistons
    -8.5-1 compression
    -Roe 2.4 @ 10Lbs
    -Greg Good Heads
    -GG ported Roe intake
    -708 cam
    -Deka 80lb injectors
    -SCT tuned

    Made 674hp and 700lb Tq. on a warm Texas day. I'm pretty happy with the numbers, I think it will do even better on a cooler day, and with a better cam(708 was my idea), and the exhaust is still 2.5" from where the cats would be back.

    Car is a blast to drive, I cant believe I didn't get a ticket on my way back to Dallas(need inspection and registration). A couple very minor tuning things came up(sct related) but nothing major. Will is taking care of them.

    Thank you Will and Jeremy and anyone else that worked on my car at RSI!

    *Greg Good- I cant even express how much of a help this guy is and his work is second to none. He really came through on the Heads and the intake and R.Rockers, not to mention all the time he spent on the phone with me discussing things that are WAY over my head with engines. I really appreciate it Greg. Thank you.
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    I've been reading some threads on rsi. They seem to have positive feedback and good prices. Do you mind saying how much this sent you back...if not here could you pm me some details.
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    Nice numbers, enjoy:2tu:
    Make sure you have fresh rubber under that beast!

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