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    Can anyone recommend a great dodge dealership?

    Sounds familiar. I have taken my car to both Orlando Dodge and Central Florida Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge and wasn't impressed with either. Central Florida CJD did have a really good service rep that took care of Viper owners but he is no longer there (probably because he was too honest). My car is...
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    Looking for pics of installed big brake kits

    There is no comparison. The stock system was down right scary and very dangerous in my opinion. It stops much quicker and there is no more fade with street driving using the Stoptechs. Not long after getting my car, I about ran off the road because I couldn't slow down for a sharp corner in...
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    Looking for pics of installed big brake kits

    I have 14" Stoptech rotors in the front with 19 inch wheels and 13" Stoptech rotors in the rear with 20" wheels. I will try to get some better pics as soon as it warms up here in Florida:mad: FYI the 14" stoptech rotors weighed 18 lb for the front while the stock 13" front rotors were 22 lbs...
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    Have a buddy looking for a Black GTS...

    I have a 2000 black/black GTS in great shape that I am likely going to put up for sale. Stock motor, 16K miles. I have converted it to side exhaust and have Forgeline wheels and PS2's. Only other significant mod is the 4 wheel Stoptech brakes. Let me know if interested.
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    PASS TIME - Vipermania tonight!!

    My understanding was that the track was not prepped and very slick. I felt bad for Underground Racing. It was tough to watch. The cars and drivers were capable of much better times.
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    PICS – Went Twin Turbo

    I don't know how you are going to make it through the winter without getting to drive that thing much. I would be going nuts. You should have left it in Florida for a while. It will be perfect driving weather in about a month down here. Congrats!
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    Clutch recommendations

    There are too many variables to say it was the LUK clutch and it does have a great history. I may have purchased a defective one, something may have happened with the installation, or I may have ruined it during the break-in period but in my case, there was no way I was going to take a chance...
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    Clutch recommendations

    I had a similar experience with the LUK E-bay clutch. In all fairness, I probably didn't break it in long enough but it was toast after 1000 miles. On a recommendation, I went with the clutch offered by Archer Racing (I believe it is made by Advanced Clutch Technology)and another DC...
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    Aggravating Slow Leak

    I had a similar leak and it turned out to be corrosion like Tom described. I took very fine sand paper and cleaned the areas up and then replaced the compressed air with nitrogen. From what I am told, the compressed air is more likely to have water in it which can help contribute to the...
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    Pro photo shoot of my GTS

    Wow, it is amazing what a professional photographer can do despite what he had to work with;) But seriously, great pics and car.
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    Does any car look good next to a GTS?

    Based on looks alone, I don't think there are any equals to the Gen 2 GTS. It appears he is not in the minority. No big deal, you just have different taste and are probably biased by the performance of the cars you mentioned. I would bet that if all four cars you mentioned above were...
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    can you run a 28" rear tire without clearance issues?

    It must depend on the car. I have a 2000 GTS at the stock ride height that I run 28" PS2's on with no rubbing at all. The tires are very close to the lower front wheel well but will move up and down with no issues.:dunno:
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    Need a good Sneaky Pete Logo

    I am good to go now:) I appreciate everyones help.
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    Need a good Sneaky Pete Logo

    Thanks for the quick response but my cheap photo shop program doesn't like the wmf format either:( I am trying to change the black color on your logo to grey and then upload the file to a company that can make a custom decal.
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    Need a good Sneaky Pete Logo

    I did a search but the methods suggested like down loading from "brands of the world" puts it in a format I can't open. This is the one I like: Viper logo | Best Brands of the World Does any one have a sneaky pete logo similar to the above in a jpg or more common format? If so please...

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