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    Dodge/Mopar Block Party is coming back to Reading, PA!

    Thanks for the 'heads-up.' I may also check-out the NHRA Nationals at nearby Maple Grove the same weekend.
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    Coming out of long term storage...

    IT'S ALIVE - Finally - the promised reply after 3 years in an unheated storage garage. :eater: I hoped to get the Viper out of storage sooner, but this is only the second warm/dry Saturday since we moved back to the US from Germany - first one I used to get the Prowler from storage to the new...
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    Coming out of long term storage...

    Thanks to all. This is just the advice I was looking for. Storage garage is paid until February and I won't have my own garage until mid-December so will 'give it a whirl' over Christmas/New Years break (if weather cooperates). I'll let you know how it goes. Again, thanks. Jim B. :)
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    Coming out of long term storage...

    Viperholics, Looking for recommendations. I'm just returning after almost 3 years overseas for Uncle Sam. :usa: My '02 Final Edition and Prowler have been in an unheated garage with sealed moisture cover. Each was treated with fuel stabilizer prior to storage, but I didn't have time to 'pickle'...
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    the RARE Viper............

    I have to jump in on this one. In the past 2 months I've seen 2-RT-10s, 2 Bentleys, a Lamborghini, and a million Porsches. In every case they were passing me at over 100 mph. On the autobahn just outside Stuttgart. Enjoy VOI.
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    2001 Viper brochure (GTS/ACR)

    If it helps, there's a copy of the 2002 brochure here. Good luck in your search.
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    2002 GTS FE Coupe Value

    This thread asks an interesting question. What are the effect of mods on the value of a Final Edition (vs. other models)? Mods on a Final Edition look great, but you depend on a buyer that values the same upgrades. To maintain the Final Edition cache, you might want to consider mods that are...
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    Anyone know of a good Viper Tech in the Carlisle PA area??

    Very timely thread -- Thanks to Uncle Sam :usa: , I just moved to Carlisle. So far I haven't found anyone to service my Viper or Prowler. At least the fairgrounds are within walking distance. I'm looking forward to seeing all the Vipers and Prowlers this weekend.
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    $864 reasonable cost for fixing AC?

    $110 to fix my AC today Timely discussion. I had my '02 at the dealer today for an AC problem. Worked fine when it went to storage before I left for a year in Iraq, but now blows cold air to the defroster, but none from the vents. Apparently a rodent chewed through the vacuum line to...
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    2002 Final Editions Red with White Stripes?

    Sorry that the updates on have been a bit sparse this past year. I just returned from 14 months in Iraq. I plan to update the graphics and include more info on the new coupe as soon as my copy of Frontpage gets here from Baghdad. In the meantime, I've added info on about 10 more...
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    OK -- Mine was a dead battery. Autozone tried to charge my factory battery, but it would not hold a charge. Replacement battery only $59. I found the battery maintenance instructions in the VCA's illustrated upgrade section very helpful. Thanks.
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    Likewise, my '02 Viper has been in storage for 14 months while I was overseas and also won't start. I used a battery tender, but it is showing a blinking light (failure of the charging system). Question -- Can the Viper be jump started with a (very) dead battery? I'd hate to replace the...
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    VOI8 Flashback

    Saturday's Cowtown Marathon started down Main Street in Fort Worth and covered the same hill and river crossing that our Vipers traveled at the start of the VOI8 parade. Enjoy. :)
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    2002 GTS FE not Final Edition???????

    $121,000 -- FE 360 was donated by Dodge to Northwood University in Midland, MI who auctioned it at a black-tie fund-raising event.
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    2002 GTS FE not Final Edition???????

    UNRATLD - Where is the last Final Edition GTS Viper? No one knows (except Dodge)! Final Edition sequence numbers were randomly assigned. The highest VIN was seen in Boulder, CO, but the cars were not built in VIN order. The #360 car was rolled out and auctioned as the last car, but appears...