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Apr 11, 2004
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Many of you will participate in this Calabogie event. We would like to share with you some information that will help you to plan your trip to Calabogie. This is a tentative schedule it will change !

Friday June 1st
  • 09:30AM For those who arrive early to Ottawa we will have a visit to Chateau Montebello on Friday morning. We will leave from Hotel Brookstreet around 9:30AM. If you want to participate in this tour send me an email.
  • 03:00PM The Viper convoy should leave from Montreal West Island (Exit 35 on Highway 40) on Friday at 3:00PM. We are counting on 30 Vipers in this convoy. It will be something very spectacular. Don't miss it.
  • 05:00PM We plan to arrive to the Hotel around 5PM. Before arriving to Hotel we will refuel the cars. The evening program won't leave you much time and energy.
  • 05:30PM to 7:30PM we will organize a large car show in front of the Brookstreet Hotel.
  • 06:00PM Registration for the Calabogie event will start at 6:00PM in the Brookstreet parking.
  • 06:00PM to 7:30PM we will have a cocktail in the parking around the cars. You have a cocktail included in your registration fee! We are working on a special alcohol permit with the city.
  • 06:30PM Mandatory briefing for beginner drivers
  • 07:15PM we will give our first trophy to the car that shines the most !
  • 07:30PM Lunch for those who want at Brookstreet. You can also leave for your Calabogie Hotel.
Saturday June 2nd
  • 08:00AM Registration starts at Calabogie Track
  • 08:15AM Mandatory briefing for all drivers
  • 09:00AM Evaluation laps starts at Calabogie Track for advanced drivers
  • 09:20AM Intermediate drivers start evaluation laps and driving school theory starts for beginners
  • 09:30AM Ladies start their activities at Brookstreet (Breakfast, shopping, pool, visit of ottawa, golf so on).
  • 11:30AM Lunch starts at track. Lunch is included in your registration fee.
  • 12:00PM Lunch break
  • 12:45PM Mandatory driver briefing
  • 13:00PM Lapping resumes
  • 13:30PM Lunch ends
  • 16:00PM Driving school ends for beginners. Return to your hotel to cool down in the pool.
  • 17:00PM All driving activity ends on Track
  • 17:30PM Pool party at Brookstreet
  • 18:30PM Cocktail at Brookstreet (Cocktail is included in your registration fee)
  • 19:30PM Lunch at Brookstreet (Don't forget to make your reservation for lunch. Call the Brookstreet please !)
Sunday June 3nd
  • 08:00AM Morning walk or biking for early birds on track.
  • 08:30AM Mandatory morning briefing
  • 09:00AM Lapping resumes at track for intermediate and advanced drivers.
  • 09:40AM Lapping and driving school resumes for beginners with follow the leader laps
  • 11:30AM Lunch starts at track. Lunch is included in your registration fee.
  • 12:00PM Lunch break
  • 12:30PM Distribution of driving school awards.
  • 12:45PM Mandatory driver briefing
  • 13:00PM Lapping resumes
  • 13:30PM Lunch ends
  • 16:00PM Driving school ends for beginners
  • 17:00PM All driving activity ends on track and we all go home.
Regarding safety and briefing:
  • All drivers will get a refresh on safety
  • All drivers will have to participate in mandatory morning and noon briefings
  • Beginners will get a full training from theory to practice. We will explain them how to drive on a track. What to do and what not to do.
  • Intermediate drivers will be assessed on Saturday morning. They will get a refresh on track driving theory. Will participate in evaluation lapping and get a personalized training.
  • Advanced drivers will get the same attention as intermediate drivers. They will start the day with a follow the leader style lapping then they will do mostly solo laps
All students will get the "TLC academy manual". It is a 15 page manual about track driving. It explains everything about defensive and performance driving. Regarding theory we will explain the following subjects.
-driving position
-heel and toe
-down shift (the right way)
-threshold braking
-the ideal racing lines
-car control at the limit
-physics involved
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Mar 8, 2006
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Cape Cod, Mass
I'm thinking about it. Man what a time I had last year. It was the best, just as good if not better than a VOI. RICK

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