Gen 3 Forged Engine Help

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    May 19, 2017
    if anyone is considering a full Forged build on their Gen 3, here are some items that can save money.

    1. No one has forged pistons on the shelf, even Roe. they are all custom Made. Manley will custom make for $1000. best price I found. Diamond will make them too, but they are SLOW. I have the dimensions for the custom order if you need them.
    2. Forged rods are a challenge. Manley has forged H beam rods, but, standard 6.1 hemi forged rods work perfect if you order the pistons with the right wrist pin. again, way cheaper.
    3. ARP seems to have trouble with the main bolt and head studs. If you measure them both, ARP can provide bolts for both.
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