Is Steve Prescott and Vipair Performance Parts a Scam or going out of business?!?

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Jul 16, 2002
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I understand its an honorable thing you and many other VCA members came together to help Nick out with his car considering he came home earlier than expected and did not receive the expected funds he planned to use for his build. You risk your own business putting off shipments for multiple customers and use a side project as your excuse. I imagine Nick could have waited 1 more day while you spent that day shipping the items out. Sorry nick, but to be honest, I don't think I would want to be used as a scapegoat for holding up progress of many more other projects. I think it's a shame Steve, you feel the need to hide behind Nick. Place a Veteran in front of your accusers and use an act of charity that not only you contributed to, to defend your reasoning for not fulfilling your obligation "alone" to other customers.

Nick, feel free to shoot me down if you feel otherwise. I was in Sangin, Helmand when I heard your story, both of them. I am an Iraq service disabled veteran, and I have my own story and my own scars. Personally I would be grateful for everyone's help but would be upset I was the reason for others grief. I would not want my car associated with this type of thread.

I enjoy my car less hearing others accounts of their dealings with Vipair. I didn't start an anti-Vipair thread when I had my purchase go sour. But I put my two cents in where I feel fitting. The impression that I get from Steve, from his words, is that because he is a financial contributor to the VCA he should be given more leniency when it comes to lacking in other areas. Although, how many financial contributors does Vipair receive from being a vendor? You reap the benefit but aren't wiling to accept the responsibility when your business doesn't meet the requirements. Every year I think twice about renewing my VCA membership. Even knowing this year I probably wouldn't get to participate in any club events or gatherings, I renewed. And after my mid tour I am certain that I will not be able to attend any functions this year. I very well might not be home for another 12 months this time. My Viper was out of commission last month, Mark Jorgensen came to the rescue, overnighted parts to get me back on the road. In the end, I couldn't finish the clutch job soon enough to attend the last scheduled club event while I was home. I accept my role in my own enjoyment with the club. Threads like these make me think twice when it's time to renew. But I stick it out, if I stopped my membership you'd win, and I don't want you getting the better of my Viper experience.
I imagine VCA will come in and clean up your mess like the last time. Heck, maybe I'll get banned and won't have to renew next year. I'm just one person. Cost effectiveness says its cheaper to get rid of me.

I don't think you have anything to worry about Steve. You will make parts for the Gen V and have a whole new generation of owners to tap into that don't know about your tactics and standards yet. You offer products no one else does. Owners will still order from you because you are the only one to go to. Please stop ruining the Viper experience.


What can I say, you are a one of a kind.

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