Gen 3 oil PRV change?


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Jan 7, 2013
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So I managed seize some rod bearings on my engine for the second time and this time lost a rod while I was at it. I've been going through the oil system from top to bottom to see what I can do to prevent this in the future and one thing I stumbled on that I can't seem to find any other data for is the oil pressure relief valve in the timing cover. The "original" design was a sliding plunger with a large spring that is held in via the large plug on the side of the timing cover (picture from the parts manual below).
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However, Prefix sells a new one to replace a now discontinued FCA part, 05038031AA. This design appears to be different and no longer has the large spring holding it in. The OEM Mopar version looks to be one solid piece that screws in, though the Prefix version breaks that into two parts (a valve and a cap).

Mopar version:
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Prefix version:
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As best I can guess, there is likely no functional difference between the Mopar and Prefix versions aside from general construction. I would guess they are the same type of valve, just made different for cost reasons if I had to make assumptions. That being said, it would seem like there could be a much larger difference between the original plunger design (what I happen to have in my car), and the newer style replacement. I have heard the gen 3 PRV has issues with spiking and cavitation when the valve pops, but I was wondering if this new design perhaps addresses that issue or if it's just the same style valve in a different package? Anyone know any history on when this change happened and the part numbers superseded?

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