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    I just had the greatest idea for a vanity plate.....

    I assume the Viper would get the "mr hyde" plates?
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    Looking for race seat advice

    I put a pair of Momo RS2's in my GTS. I used these seats as they are a good compromise between a stock seat and a racing seat. The main difference is that the seat bottom has reduced sized bolsters which makes getting in and out quite easy; I have the same problem as you at 6’5”. The seat back...
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    Car hit with Milkshake

    In case you have not seen the YouTube video "Rednecks Mess with the wrong BMW driver" here is the link. Not sure if the video is legit but it has an amusement factor none the less:
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    Has anyone run into Water Based Paints being used yet?

    My 2001 BMW ///M Roadster had water based paint. The nose got chipped up so badly, so quickly, that I brought it up as a service issue. Both the dealership and the BMW forums recognized that the water based paint that BMW was using chipped very easily. My 2001 GTS has FAR better paint.
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    How to remove cats

    I am getting ready to remove the cats and resonators on my '01 GTS and replace them with a 3" straight pipe. I have a RandomTek X pipe and just picked up the rest of the parts to take me up to the resonator; including the O2 sims and a couple of 2.5" to 3" adapters. Before I remove my side...
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    Still Looking for pics of a 345 PS Cup on an 18" wheel

    345-30ZR18's Pilot Sport Cups on my GTS, I think they look better than stock PS's: Outer edge of tread is just clean...
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    Flowmaster vs. Striaght Pipes.... Sound clips... FINALLY!!!

    I really like the staight pipe sound! It would be great to hear it rev'ed up a time or two like in the 2nd clip!
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    Frozen/stuck wheel lug nut

    Ok, I just went through this preparing for a NASA race in Pueblo CO last weekend. When I went to switch to my race tires I could not loosen 4 nuts on my left front. I 1st tried the WD40 thing and ended up breaking my 4-way. Next I decided to use a 1/2" breaker bar with a 4 foot pipe extension...
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    What is your favorite Viper quote or description?

    "The Viper is a high powered projectile for a perfectionist in a terrible hurry"
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    1000 HP TT System on your doorstep....

    From their website: Pricing: SVS Stryker Side-Mount Systems start at $23,000 installed. (this includes fuel system upgrade, engine management, installation and tuning) DIY Systems are starting at $12,500.
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    Looking for opinions on this car, might add to the stable.

    His feedback bothers me; he only sold one item and for that he received a negative. Be careful.
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    Mobile One shelf life

    Freezing Mobil 1, my God; what would is its freezing point be? And to keep it at that temp for 5+ years! It would cost a small fortune! This has gotten to be one of the most absurd rhetorical threads ever on this site. Hilarious! Of course, if one were to store it at absolute zero it would last...
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    Need Recomendations for a Radar/Laser Detector

    You learn a V1. It's like a well used tool; you can hear it "speak to you"....there is a cop up there. False it may, more than some perhaps, but I would feel ***** without it. None compare IMO.
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    Which aspect of the Viper design element DON'T you like the most?

    Re: Which aspect of the Viper design element DON\'T you like the most? I'm sure I will get flamed for this but I think the sneaky pete emblem is rather lame. Oh, and the power steering cap issue, and late model water pumps. And what is that weird foam **** they make the console parts out of.
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    Driver seat wear spot outboard ot bolster...seatbelt wear?

    I replaced my stock seats with some from Momo racing. My advice: Make sure you protect everything before you remove the seat from the car. The seat is bulky and there is not a lot of clearance so I suggest some towels (secured with blue painters masking tape) on every surface the seat may...